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I have a vision of seeing each individual and group empowered thru self-respect and maturity to bring forth health, collaboration and peace in this world of ours.

As one of my Osteopathic mentors - Hugh Milne, DO recently said ' You will carry the torch of the lineage forward'.

The teachings are open to anyone interested in refining, maturing and cleaning up their practice.  CE's are offered to LMT's, PT's, and counselors.

My way of teaching is a different track than most cranial classes offered in the market place.  I teach thru practioner perceptual awareness and initiation of consicousness.  This means the practitioner is guided to refine themselves and thru that mastery work with clients.  This teaching is about the Journey of the Practitioner’s Path when entering into the Field of Cranial Sacral Therapy.

It is a Path that changes one from the inside out.  
It is a Path that requires vigilance and meets you to carry you when you are Still enough to pass thru doorways without disturbing the environment on either side.
The approach in these teachings will center on the state of the practitioner.
This is a different focus than a teaching that focuses on the client.
This teaching directs the practitioner to change states and deepen into stillness, thus creating the environment that supports wholeness.
The journey of the practitioner who is practicing Cranial Sacral therapy as an offering is one that is thoroughly described in the ancient sacred texts of the world.  It is a path of initiation and responsibility.

After years of listening to clients come in overwhelmed with supplements, past life this, and symptoms interpreted this and that way, I realized that each person simply wants freedom and Liberation. Investigate everything yourself from a deep understanding of Self. Find a Mentor who empowers your path and can truly hear and see you with Love - where you are NOW.  The title, trademark, nor identification make a difference when a Heart is opened and Healing takes place. We cannot own the Divine. The Era of Manipulation is Over.


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