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"I just responded to the generous offer of Dr. Jan Jones for a 3 hour mentoring session that includes an hour of hands-on work.  It is difficult to sum up in words just what I received, but it was profound. Rather than a 'class' in the traditional sense, It was more what I would describe as a 'transmission' of a body of learning and experience that was palpable.  And the hands-on work actually moved a pattern out of my body that involved wounding that was on a foundational level.  I have been aware of this pattern for many years and have done much work around it
If you are a cranial-sacral practitioner, you owe it to yourself and your clients to take her up on this offer.
If you aren't, you owe it to yourself to do this.
 Don't try to wrap your mind around what she is won't understand it until you go and experience it."   SANTA FE, NM . 2018

I have recently been blessed to meet and work with Dr. Jan Jones, who has a very high degree of training and experience in craniosacral therapy, mindfulness training, and sacred initiation.  Her presence and levels of awareness are highly developed and she is a visionary in the path of helping people develop themselves to living in the new paradigm of higher consciousness.  I am hoping that people can understand the potency of the work that Jan brings to this training.  She has over 40 years of meditation practice and has studied with many teachers in many lineages in a broad array of spiritual disciplines and ancient wisdom.  When I met Jan and received mentorship from her, I knew very quickly that she is somebody I want to study with and learn from in the realms of consciousness development.  D. Thomas  2014


"Working with Jan has been one of the most blessed opportunities in my life. Through her teachings I have gained a greater awareness of myself, others, and the world around me.  I have more respect, love, and compassion for myself and everyone around me, that constantly surprises me with only getting deeper as time progresses. Jan empowered me to change my life. Thank you Jan helping me introduce me to me."  Seth Kimes  2013


I have deeply enjoyed learning with Jan both in sessions and classes. The breadth with which she conveys is extraordinary. Whether drawing from her extensive study and experience, her humor, her wonderfully piercing awareness, an unsurpassed ability to articulate experiences or through direct transmission, she is a phenomenal teacher. I have grown immensely. Experiences that would come and go of deep compassion, clarity, a feeling of safety and joy, and an experience of bright, radiant light within myself are now here to stay. Awareness is becoming constant, experiential learning is becoming exponential, profoundly changing everything. I am learning about shifting my energy from …"out and to" instead to …"in and through" my body and I laugh at how much better that feels. I now rest in joyful exploration, full of nuance, change and gratitude.   Mia Baki   2013


Jan's gifts of perception combined with a heart of gold, support individual and group healing and integration with lightning speed and accuracy.  Jan's knowledge and experience in Cranial Therapies put her in a peer group of Masters.  She is one of the truly anointed healers. 
  Former Student   2012


“My 6 year old son Wolfie, has always been a quiet, gentle, cautious child.  While in his pre K year at school he rarely ran on the playground or spoke in class.  I began cranial sacral work with Dr. Jones, in his kindergarten years to minimize the need for a mechanical dental appliance which his dentist said he would need within a year.  Since beginning the CS therapy and in addition to the normal growth and development you would expect, he was quite suddenly emerging as the class leader.  His teacher said he leaped 2 years of growth development in 6 months time in all area from artwork to physical ability.  He now runs and plays confidently and with zeal.      Suzette (Mom)    2007 Santa Fe  New Mexico 


As soon as Jan put her hands on my shoulders – I felt a weight lifted off of me -
Like something heavy had been there and now wasn’t.
  Toks  age 14    2006  Potomac, MD


"I have been an explorer of the mind/body/spirit paradigm since the mid-1970s and have studied with many teachers and practitioners over the years.  Since moving to Santa Fe in 200l, I have had the privilege of working with Doctor Jan Jones who has exceptional skill and knowledge in these domains.  Recently, during a session, a deeply buried memory was “unlocked” that has given me back “my voice and my truth.”  For this, I am especially grateful."   Dr. Loretta Armer, Psychologist and Yoga Teacher  2008


“I didn’t realize I wasn’t relaxing when I was relaxing”  after one session  H.J.  1999

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