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The Vertical Cranial Path



Vertical Cranial Path Seminar Series 2014


A series of Mentored workshops offered by The Cranial Path Mystery School specifically focused on the Mastering of Perceptual Awareness.  Direct application through the function of Cranial Sacral wisdom and the integration into the Practioner’s whole life is foundationally investigated and experienced.  We will delve into the Initiatory Path of the direct Lineage.


Total 33 CEU’s offered for LMT’s - PT’s  - OT’s - Counselors - Therapists

Location:  Portland, Oregon

revealed with paid Registration



Level One – ‘Mapping the Territory’

April 19-20, 2014

Exploration of the 4 Cranial Rhythms and 4 Perceptual Awareness states thru Conscious navigation and experiential embodiment. Deepen your own personal empowerment and integration.  We take a deep look at lateral and longitudinal fluctuation, synchronization of the three diaphragms, and surfing the fluid body.  


Level Two -  ‘Be Still and Know’

May 17-18, 2014

Anchoring in one’s self during a session/GPS yourself, recognizing the signs of losing yourself, centering, deepening and transparency.  Understanding the landscape of the Map of Consciousness thru Cranial perception while navigating Cranial Wave, Mid-tide, Long Tide and Dynamic Stillness. In depth anchoring within Stillness.   Exercises to integrate the information.  Emotional and Nervous System Anatomy.


Level Three - ‘Art of Listening’

June 14-15, 2014

Neutral, Midline and Ignition defined and embodied thru Anatomy and experiential sense.  The power of Prayer used to walk thru the Anatomy.  The Sphenoid freely suspended within Dynamic Stillness.  Maintaining awareness in Consciousness with practical exercises to embody Mastery.


*All 3 classes are $555 paid in advance.

*Please email Dr. Jan Jones


*Private Mentoring and other Offerings Available


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