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Quantum Shamanic Cranial Sacral

These classes are now offered upon request.

Hands on Experience is deprogramming of Doing and technique and sequence. We are then Free to really Integrate as Silence is the doorway to Mystery. At the interface of two people touching is the unequivocal Mirror of Truth.

  1. Mapping the Territory
  2. The Art of Listening
  3. Alchemy of Consciousness
  4. Being a Living Example

Level One “Mapping the Territory” - Biodynamic Consciousness, Brain Wave & Cranial Wave frequencies Emotional & Nervous System Anatomy Three Diaphragms Synchronization Intro Alchemy & Tree of Life Clearing the Past Awareness of 4 Worlds

Level Two “Art of Listening” -  What is Neutral? Midline & Divine Spark of Life Establishing & Shifting Perceptual Awareness Alchemical Body – Healing by Frequency Managing Your Energy Four Ventricles in the Brain Fluid Consciousness

Level Three “Alchemy of Consciousness” - Power of Stillness Sphenoid as Fulcrum Responsibility in Sacred Healing Initiation Core Anatomy

Level Four “Being a Living Example” - Embryological Forces Listening Deeper than Symptoms 24/7 Mentoring Transubstantiation

These classes are offered in a Mentor based Teaching. , Each person will become an apprentice to the Wholeness and receive personal instruction and hands on attention. It is important that the Quality of Experience be married with the Heightened Clarity of Information shared. Integration of All Levels will be Paramount and Personalized.

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