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Odyssey to Stillness


This Series is now offered upon request.

This is a program for those who want to Deepen their lives. The program is a series of 3 –2 day workshops to experientially change the Perceptual Awareness of your life and Free up your Energy for maximum Wholeness. It is not based on a “way” – but on Authentic Experience, a Quickening of the Spirit.

  1. GPS Yourself - The Map
  2. Mastering Neutral
  3. Conscious Potency - Staying Awake
  1. GPS Yourself – The Map Knowing where you are at any given moment is preliminary in the Ability to Shift Awareness. The Map empowers you with the logistics of each of the four Landscapes. To shift one must go thru Neutral inside. This Knowledge brings Consciousness as the foundation for learning to Manage the Energy of Awareness. Immunity is Freedom which is awakened in each landscape as Empowerment in you Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit. This is also the voice of the Immune system.
  2. Mastering Neutral To Surrender one must have something to surrender. Know thyself. It is a very deep exploration of the tricks, amnesia and compensatory behaviors that are the precursors to Initiation. This is about naming Rumplestilskin. Annihilation at this intensity requires Aware permission from a solid foundation. Freedom from illusion is the doorway from an outside frame of reference, Inward. Self Doubt is the hypnotic suggestion of fear-based reality. This is the place of no return – Evolution from the Lower chakra’s to a Heart based Reality. This is the land of Soul Retrieval, dreams change and your Life begins to make sense. Stop the Nonsense!
  3. Conscious Potency – Staying Awake This program is a deeper understanding of the Map and personalized to anchor the Commitment required to Stay Awake. Staying Awake takes us into an exploration of Stalking (awake mental) and Raja Yoga. This requires closing a door and never setting up the revolving door (roller coaster) again. Not for everyone – this is Ruthless commitment in Action – the Lightning Path. A descent of Spirit into Matter. This is the land of Lucid dreaming.

The responsibility here is unwavering Impeccability.

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