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Boundaries, Integrity & The Map of Consciousness


These Classes are now offered upon request.




Boundaries, Integrity & The Map of Consciousness


A series of Mentored workshops offered by The Cranial Path Mystery School specifically focused on the Mastering of Perceptual Awareness.

Level One - ‘Know Thyself’       

Wherever you are located becomes the lens of your perceptual view creating your personal awareness moment to moment.  This class will cover The Map of Consciousness cross referenced from global sources to ensure that you are empowered to Know where you are at any given moment on 5 different planes.  The map will use the language of brain wave patterns, cranial terminology, alchemy, Integral theory and ancient wisdom teachings.  Experiential exercises will anchor your experience in the Now and the Body.  It is essential to discover where you are and master the tricks of distraction. Mater Fearlessness.

Level Two -  ‘Individuation’    

The Alchemical process of ‘Cooking’ requires a container.  Boundaries & Integrity will be  discussed in detail for each plane and experientially felt.  Know the edges of your awareness.   Learn to detect when a distortion occurs, how your field changes, and resolution within awareness.  We will look at the Nervous System as the messenger from the outside in and the inside out.

Level Three - ‘Navigation’     

Master the ability to navigate your own awareness thru Lucidity.  Embody the Integrity required to pass thru a doorway of Liberation, forever changing your  foundation of awareness.  Learn to shift your own 5-speed awareness with impeccable health and peace.




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